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We are expert specialists in various sectors: Technological development, Project consulting, and Creators of Proof of Concept.

Our Mission

We shape ideas, create concepts, and help all sectors enhance their entities.

Our Vision

Creating sustainability in a traceable and transparent environment, leveraging technology as a resource.

Our Strategy

equiping private and public entities, as well as NGOs, with tools that can facilitate an innovative path.

Project Consulting Firm

At Moixo Lab, we are dedicated exclusively to driving the success of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and we extend our commitment to the private sector and entrepreneurs. We are more than a consultancy; we are your strategic allies in the mission to generate a positive and lasting impact.

Proof Of Concept

We understand that early idea validation is essential for the success of any project. At Moixo Lab, we specialize in the creation and execution of proof of concepts that not only demonstrate technical, financial, and operational viability but also generate valuable insights to inform strategic decisions.

Private Companies

Our specialized consultancy focuses on identifying and capitalizing on global opportunities for your company. From international partnerships to market expansion, at Moixo Lab, we help you navigate a world of possibilities by connecting you with strategic partners and emerging markets.

Technical Protocols

We offer development and implementation services for execution protocols in NGOs, private companies, and government entities, helping them establish clear and efficient processes for project management and decision-making. We implement rigorous and efficient protocols with the aim of ensuring transparency.

moixo lab

Surfing Among Concepts

MOIXO Lab is Specialized in drafting and justifying projects for the third sector at both national and international levels, we also develop all types of websites and applications catering to various industries. Committed to supporting a wide range of organizations, including NGOs, private companies, and government entities, our comprehensive approach aims to provide robust and personalized solutions. These solutions not only support project justifications but also contribute to the realization of meaningful initiatives, promoting social and environmental well-being worldwide.

moixo lab

We create global solutions for NGOs | Government Entities | Private Companies.

  • Evaluation

    We comprehensively assess your challenges. Our expertise and personalized approach enable us to identify effective solutions to drive the success of your project or business.

  • Feasibility Study

    At Moixo Lab, we conduct thorough feasibility studies, providing strategic analysis and key data to support informed decisions and the sustainable success of your project. From risk assessment to opportunity identification, our comprehensive approach ensures a clear understanding of the feasibility of your initiatives.

  • Project Justification

    We provide comprehensive solutions by conducting annual project monitoring and adjustments. This ensures that each initiative remains aligned with requirements and objectives over time. Our commitment to continuous assessment allows us to identify opportunities for improvement and optimization, resulting in a more effective and sustainable impact on society. We collaborate closely with organizations, companies, and government entities.

Our Achievements

We walk, creating technological history.


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Do you know about Technological Implementation?

moixo lab

Experts in
Creativity, Web Development, Blockchain, and POC

  • Creativity

    Creation doesn't mean following a set pattern but investing time in finding applicable solutions. At MOIXO LAB, we have a team of talented experts in CREATIVITY

  • Web and App Development

    We create web development using the most innovative programming languages available in the market, applying them to your project study prior to development.

  • Blockchain y POC

    Mapping, creating transparency, effectiveness, and cost reduction all immersed in blockchain development systems. We create your Proof of Concept to make the code as specific as possible...

Let's make your ideas come to life.