moixo lab

Specialized Consulting for Government Projects

  • We look for your CALL

    In MOIXO LAB, we focus on finding the best call for your NGO or private company.

  • We develop your projects.

    Don't waste time; our professionals will draft and optimize the possibilities available to your organization, adjusting the parameters to the requirements of each call.

  • Evaluation and Justification

    A secure environment where the traceability and justification of your project are processed by our experts in each area.

The Concept

We outline a concept related to your organization to generate the project you need.


A team effort with your NGO or company, creating an execution TIMELINE.


The optimization of your resources, as well as an evolutionary plan for your entity, whether it's an NGO or a private company, are necessary objectives to grow in an upward trajectory.


We take care of presenting the project to the predefined call and achieving success both before and after execution.

moixo lab

Solutions for NGOs, Companies, and Government Entities.

  • ONGs

    An NGO needs technicians who are experts in their field of execution and economic justification, with MOIXO LAB being the solution to the daily needs that these types of entities require.

  • Private Business

    Numerous projects aimed at private companies that, due to lack of knowledge, cannot access them, losing the potential for growth.

  • Government Entities

    We work as an external consultancy for government entities at both national and international levels, providing proof of concept for the growth of the areas they require.